Big Pines Aviation LLC

Donald Allen has partnered with us to help continue providing the beautiful Cherokee 180 N7933N.

 To schedule with him please call 972-345-9367.

Casey Aviation


Joe Casey is the DPE we use for all our training based out of JSO. He is a true jack of all trades. He’s done it all and had an amazing career, which is far from over! Joe manages some airplanes and is a subject matter expert when it comes to PA-46 training. He is also a very talented writer.

First Line Aero


I have used Charles and his team for years. He is located at KJSO Cherokee County Airport. His capable crew handles everything from small Cessnas to medium jets. Charles has the knowledge and equipment to handle all your aircraft maintenance needs.


Phone: 903-316-8331

Pilot Partner


Need an electronic logbook? Sick and tired of dealing with totals every year for insurance? Look no further. Pilot Partner is the obvious choice. Their product is so easy to use and intuitive. The pictorial graphs show you exactly where you’re at and include a currency page to give you a quick reference for what you’re legal to do.

Texas Top Aviation

Hank Gibson is a friend and excellent pilot. His company specializes in training in          Bonanzas, Cirrus’, and PA-46’s. His knowledge of these specific aircraft and their systems is greatly accompanied by his friendly demeanor as an instructor. He is located in the New Braunfels area and is a clear expert in his field.

Cherokee County Airport


 Cherokee County was a home for us for many years and is still a market we serve. Their staff and facilities are second to none. The runway itself is sometimes a challenge with crosswinds, which provides an excellent training environment.



If you’ve had frustration with finding the right headset and company to support you, check these guys out. A family-owned business, they have taken an existing headset from Bose and turned it into an excellent aviation product. I have purchased multiple microphones from their line and have to say their set up is by far the most comfortable product I’ve ever used…ever!!

Flying Swedes


Flying Swedes is a company that owns Cessna N63332. It’s a Cessna 150 based at F44     Athens Municipal available for rent. It’s an excellent, clean, affordable little trainer those of you on a budget. Contact Ryne to rent at 254-424-4110.